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Terms and Conditions

Our Terms

1- Cancellations and Refunds

In case of cancellation more than 30 days before the scheduled collection date, we will refund in full, the amount previously paid.
If your reservation is cancelled from 30 to 15 days before the scheduled collection date, will be refunded 50% of the amount paid, however you will not be charged the remaining ending value (cancellation fee).
If your reservation is cancelled within 14 days before the scheduled collection date, will be charged the total price of the reservation (no show fee).

2- Payment

2.1- When you confirm the reservation it will be charged on your card, 50% of the total value of the lease, including fees and taxes. If your card is declined, your resevation will not be valid and you will not receive confirmation from the company.
2.2- It will be applied the appropriate exchange rates, according to your method of payment/bank fees.
2.3- The security deposit may be paid by credit or debit card. Upon delivery of the vehicle, the lessee is required to pay the security deposit in accordance with the insurance option chosen. This ammount will be captivated to guarantee payment surplus in case of theft or accident, and any other damage on the vehicle during the rental period.
2.4- When returning the vehicle, we will carry out the same analysis to check the damages (if any do exist). The value of the deposit will be returned in a maximum period of 15 days. Except if there are any damages and it will be necessary a longer period for accounting.

3- Duration of Lease

3.1- The vehicle rental costs are accounted by night.
3.2- The late pick ups or early deliveries do not entitle to any refund to the lessee the unused time of the lease.
3.3- The pick ups or deliveries previously combined at the requesto f the lessee outsider the working hours are subject to na additional fee according to the price list in force.

4- Withdrawals and Returns of the Vehicle

4.1- The pick upo f the vehicle may only be effected between 9:30 am and 11:30 am and 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm, during working days, otherwise the respective fees for deferment or anticipation will be apllied.
4.2- The return of the vehicle can only be carried out between 9:30 am and 11:30 am and 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm, during working days, otherwise the respective fees for deferment or anticipation will be apllied.
4.3- The first grantor has free parking supervised by cameras and completely fenced for use by the second grantor. However, it is not responsible for possible damage caused to the vehicle and its accessories when entering the parking lot.

5- Availability of Vehicles

5.1- If the exact reserved model is not available, we reserve the right to provide the Lessee with a vehicle of similar or higher category, according to the availability at the pick up location.

6- Documents

6.1- The driver must be over 21 years old at the time of the rental, and present a valid driving license for Europe (Class B) or an international driving license and a valid identification document.
6.2- If one of the drivers is under 25 years old, will need the basic insurance plan.

Lease Agreement

1- Vehicle Conditions

1.1- The Lessee acknowledges having received the vehicle and the rented extras in good condition and with all the resources working.
1.2- The Lessee shall return the vehicle in good conditions, with the same amount of fuel at the time of collection and with all the equipment, of the vehicle operating normally, at the date, time and place of delivery set out in the lease. Failure to comply with these criteria will result in additional charges for the Lessee. Any loss, or damages to extra equipment or leased parts, will be also fully charged to the Lessee.


2.1- A valid driving license for Class B vehicles and a valid identification is required, which must be presented at the time of collection of the vehicle and the signing of the lease. If the Lessee does not presente the necessary documents, the vehicle can not be rented and the non show fee will be applied.
2.2- Being a holder of a valid driving license in Europe is the Lessee’s responsability.
2.3- The Lessee must be over 21 years old, and have a driving license for at least 2 years.
2.4- If the Lessee is under 25 years old, a higher than “Basic Insurance” plan will be required.

3- Vehicle Use

3.1- The Lessee agrees that during the lease term the vehicle shall not be:
a) Conducted by na unidentified person;
b) Conducted in a reckless and dangerous way;
c) Conducted by a person that is under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
d) Abandoned with the key inside the vehicle, with no occupants;
e) Damaged by submersion in water or contact with salt water, conducted in flood areas, on the beach or on dirt roads;
f) Used for any race, competition or any illegal activities;
g) Used to tow any vehicle;
h) Used to transport passengers or goods intended for hire or reward;
i) Used to carry more passengers that the ones allowed by law;
j) Used to transport volatile liquids, gases, explosives or other corrosive or flammable materials;
k) Used for the purpose of transporting and moving goods, other than those one could reasonably expect to find in a rental car for leisure;
l) Used to install accesories and advertising or commercial mentions;
m) Any consequences arising from the aformentioned points shall not be responsability of the Rental Company;

3.2- The Lessee acknowladges that the leasing company retains ownership of the vehicle at all times and shall not agree, attempt to offer or intend to sell, sub-lease, lend or mortgage the vehicle to any other party.
3.3- The Lessee shall not make changes or additions to the vehicle without the prior written consente of the Rental Company.
3.4- This agreement will be automatically resolved and the reservation will be canceled without any need for judicial intervention if the vehicle is used in any conditions that constitute a violation of this contract. In addition, the Rental Company reserves the right to recover the vehicle, at any time, without prior notice, and the Lessee is responsible for all costs involved.

4-Travel Assistance and Technical Issue

4.1- Any problems related to the vehicle, including equipment malfunctions, should be reported immediately in order to offer the Rental Company the opportunity to correct the problem during the rental. Failure to do so compromises the Rental Company's liability, please contact us before calling for assistance on the road, and our team will assist you in handling the situation.
4.2- This service covers any technical or mechanical defect of the vehicle due to a manufacturing defect or material that directly renders the part in question unfit for operation during the warranty period.
4.3- The following aspects are not covered by Travel Assistance, and the Renter will be charged the towing / travel expenses for:
a) Lack of fuel in the vehicle;
b) The keys are locked inside the vehicle, damaged (eg by moisture in the key), or lost;
c) Batteries discharged due to incorrect use and / or misuse of any equipment requiring the batteries to operate;
d) Vehicle jammed off the road or on dirt or sand roads;
e) Failure caused by deliberate negligence.
4.4- The Rental Company provides Travel Assistance 24 hours a day, outside of normal business hours there may be some delays.
4.5- In the event of a breakdown, the Lessee is not permitted to make repairs or changes to the vehicle, unless authorized by the Rental Company and follow the exact instructions.
4.6- In case of immobilization of the vehicle due to mechanical breakdown or accident, and if it is not possible to carry out the repair on site, the Rental Company will send a trailer to transport the vehicle and the driver to the nearest depot of the Rental Company or workshop of repair.

5- Protection

5.1- The Rental Company accepts no liability for personal injury incurred during the rental period and recommends that no valuables be left inside the vehicle while the renter is absent from the vehicle. The Rental Company is not responsible for any items lost or stolen during the rental period.

6- Insurance Coverage

6.1- The rented vehicle has liability insurance, travel assistance and legal protection.
6.2- The insurance is valid in the following European countries: Portugal and Spain. Driving in countries other than those mentioned above requires special authorization from the Rental company. Driving in unauthorized countries, without special authorization, constitutes a breach of contract and the Rental Company cannot be held responsible for any damage, breakdown or other problem that occurs outside the authorized Countries, the Renter being solely responsible for the repair costs. and / or relocation of the vehicle, as well as any other expenses, costs, fines or fees that the Rental Company may incur.
6.2.1- Outside the country, in case of failure, if it can not be arranged within 24 hours, there will be no replacement motorhome. There will be room only, by car for the occupants to make the return trip to the country.
6.3- The vehicle is only insured for the duration stipulated in the contract. The Rental Company can not be held responsible for any damage beyond the duration of the rental, and the Renter is solely responsible.
6.4- The Lessee is liable for any damage sustained while in possession of the vehicle, up to the amount of the escrow deposit. To cover the costs of any damages, the Rental Company will cap the total amount of the deposit.
6.5- If the Lessee breaches any of the conditions stipulated in the clauses of the rental agreement, all insurance options will be void, and the Renter will be responsible for the full cost of all damages.
6.6- If you subscribe to the "Basic" insurance plan, the Lessee is responsible for a maximum amount of € 1614.00. This insurance includes 24-hour assistance.
6.7- If you subscribe to the "Super" insurance plan, the Lessee is responsible for a maximum amount of € 882.00. This insurance includes 24 hour assistance, protection against glasses and tires.
6.8 - KM’s are unlimited for all rentals over 10 nights. For rentals less than or equal to 10 Nights, the Lessee is limited to an average per night contracted of 300KM’s, being charged € 0.28 for each additional KM.

7- Accidents / Vehicle Damage / Thef

In the event of an accident, the Lessee undertakes to follow the following procedures:
a) Immediately notify the Rental Company and the law enforcement authorities of any accident, theft, theft or other misfortune;
b) Take pictures and get names and addresses of all those involved, as well as witnesses, who can document what happened;
c) Fill out the friendly statement, together with other intervening party(s) involved;
d) Do not abandon the vehicle without taking all measures relating to the protection and safety of the vehicle;
e) Do not assume any responsibility or plead guilty in case of an accident that may hold the Rental Company responsible;
f) Collect and send immediately after the accident, the friendly statement with data from other vehicles and drivers that may be involved, the authorities report and the vehicle keys (in case of theft) to the Rental Company. Otherwise, all insurance and risk coverage will not apply and the lessee will be responsible for all expenses.

8- Exclusion

The damages identified below are specifically excluded from any Insurance option and the lessee will be responsible for all associated costs:
a) Any damage due to the vehicle in case of breach of a clause of the contract;
b) Any damage caused by intentional conduct, influence of alcohol, drugs or any substance that reduces driving ability;
c) Any loss / damage / stolen personal items;
d) If the tenant has careless or negligent behavior of any kind or does not comply with local road rules, resulting in damage to the vehicle or property of third parties;
e) The cost of recovering or recovering the vehicle from any restricted, submerged, mired or abandoned área;
f) The cost of replacing keys that have been damaged, lost, stolen or locked inside the vehicle;
g) Drivers with a canceled / expired driving license;
h) For any costs associated with improper use of fuel;
i) All damages under the vehicle body or above the windscreen line, if there is no collision with third parties;
j) All damages caused by collisions with animals;

9- Return of Vehicle

9.1- The vehicle must be returned on the day, time and location specified in the rental agreement. In order to change the place of delivery or the date / time, the Renter must first obtain the authorization of the booking team of the Rental Company. This change may involve additional costs, the amount of which will be communicated by the reservations team. The cost shall apply in all cases, irrespective of the reasons for the change. If the Rental Company does not confirm the changes by electronic mail, or telephone, the Lessee must comply with the place, date and time of delivery provided in the contract.
9.2- Failure to obtain authorization and delivery of the vehicle outside the hours agreed in the Rental Contract will result in the collection of an extra fee three times the rental rate, which must be paid immediately after delivery.
9.3- If the vehicle is returned to a location other than the one contracted, the Lessee shall be liable for any consequential damages that may be caused to the Rental Company.
9.4- If the vehicle is not returned to an employee of the Rental Company, the Lessee shall be liable for any loss or damage, including theft or theft of the vehicle.
9.5- Vehicle Equipment and Cleaning Fee:
a) If any included accessory or any other extra accessories are not returned under the conditions in which they were delivered, a fee will be applied according to the value of the item (s).
b) A cleaning fee of € 50 will be charged if the vehicle is not returned under clean conditions (no rubbish, sand, mud or any debris) and outdoors, with the waste water tank empty and also the chemical toilet.
9.6- If the vehicle is not returned with the same level of fuel as at the collection, the Lessee will be charged the missing value, making the Rental Company proof of the invoice.

10- Liability / Security Deposit and Payments after Rental

10.1- The security deposit can be paid by credit or debit card. Upon delivery of the vehicle, the Lessee is obliged to pay the deposit of collateral according to the insurance option chosen. This amount will be captivated to guarantee the additional payment in case of theft or accident and any other damage of the vehicle during the rental period.
10.2- If the deposit amount is not authorized by the bank or the credit card holder, the contract can not be executed and the vehicle can not be delivered. In this case the non-show fee will apply and the Renter will be charged the total amount of the reservation.
10.3- The costs of damage to the vehicle, its equipment or rental extras, will be charged according to its value (s). The Renter will also be responsible for the period in which the vehicle is not rented during the repair period, according to the damages in question.
10.4- In the event of an accident in which the Lessee does not consider himself liable, the Rental Company will retain the full amount of the deposit of security until the Insurer notifies the Company of its responsibility.
10.5- If the damage repair costs can not be determined immediately, the Rental Company will retain the full amount of the escrow deposit. A portion of the surplus may be reimbursed if the final costs of repairing the damage are less than the amount paid.
10.6- The Lessee agrees that the Rental Company is authorized to charge the Lessee for any other amounts that may arise, such as wild camping, parking costs, fines, traffic violations, tolls, damages to the vehicle (interior or exterior) and arrears. The fines will be charged for their total cost, plus VAT.
10.7- All unpaid invoices will be charged with interest, equivalent to the highest legal rate, plus a flat fee, corresponding to 20% of the unpaid amount, and any compensation for damages incurred / loss of profits that is due by law. In the event of a legal dispute that is in any way connected with this agreement, the parties agree that the jurisdiction of the place of collection of the vehicle will apply.

11- Tenant Agreement and Warranties
11.1- This contract constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and there are no other understandings, warranties or oral agreements between the parties relating to the Lessee's liability. All charges are calculated in accordance with the Agreement and its Terms and Conditions.
11.2- When making the Reservation and paying the initial deposit, the Lessee has automatically read and agreed to the Rental Company's Terms and Conditions.
11.3- The Lessee shall ensure that all information provided in connection with this agreement is true.

12- Vehicles and brands

12.1- If, for any reason that is not the responsibility of the Rental Company, such as a delay by the previous Lessee, accident, theft, damage or any other situation that compromises the delivery of the previously reserved vehicle, it is not possible to deliver on the stipulated date, the Rental Company may:
a) Provide a vehicle of equivalent category, whose brand, appearance and layout may vary.
b) Refund to the lessee the amount already paid, without any additional compensation.

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