One passion, One lifestyle

Caravaning is a way of life. We have the best equipped motorhomes of Algarve. When renting with Caravans 2 Rent you will enjoy a quality vacation with your family and friends.
With our motorhomes, you can get all the magic and nature that Algarve and Portugal can offer, making your vacation dream come true. Always with all the freedom that a motorhome can offer...
Choose your caravan or campervan and take advantage of the adventure in an Algarve filled with nature, fresh air and beautiful beaches.
Alugue uma autocaravana e descubra portugal com o máximo conforto. As nossas autocaravanas estão equipadas com todos os extras que pode desejar numa autocaravana. Alugue autocaravanas no Algarve ou em Lisboa aos melhores preços. Desta forma, poderá conhecer as maravilhas do Algarve e de Lisboa ao volante de uma autocaravana. As melhores autocaravanas para alugar do Algarve e Lisboa estão em Caravans2Rent.
Mieten Sie ein Wohnmobil und entdecken Sie Portugal mit höchstem Komfort. Unsere Reisemobile sind mit allen Extras ausgestattet, die Sie für ein Reisemobil benötigen. Mieten Sie Wohnmobile in Algarve oder in Lissabon zu den besten Preisen. So können Sie die Wunder der Algarve und Lissabon am Steuer eines Wohnmobils kennen lernen. Die besten Wohnmobile zur Miete an der Algarve und Lissabon befinden sich in Caravans2Rent.
Rent a motorhome and discover portugal with maximum comfort. Our motorhomes are equipped with all the extras you might want in a motorhome. Rent motorhomes in the Algarve or in Lisbon at the best prices. In this way, you can get to know the wonders of the Algarve and Lisbon at the wheel of a motorhome. The best motorhomes for rent in the Algarve and Lisbon are in Caravans2Rent.

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all the freedom you can get

When renting one of our caravans or campervans you will have access to a total freedom and autonomy. Essentially, we have everything you need for a dream vacation in the company of your family and friends...

what about us

A young dynamic team that is always ready to give you a fantastic stay in our motorhomes is waiting for you!
Don't delay another minute and come rent one of our little houses under wheels. Because renting a motorhome is synonymous of independence and guaranteed freedom.

what they say

tell us what you need

Garden Table
Sleeping Bag
Termic Bag
Towel Kit


Baby Seat
Baby Chair
Gas canister
Surfboard Rack
Bike Rack
First aid kit
Free Pickup
Included in all rentals and in any motorhome are the following items:
- Baby Seat;
- Baby chair;
- Extinguisher;
- Gas canister;
- Surfboard Rack;
- Bike Rack;
- First aid kit;
- Free Pick up*.
*Airport and train station in Faro, Loulé train station, from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

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+351 968 554 328


EN 125 Sítio do Conseguinte 8100-333 Loulé
+351 968 554 328

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