How to book?
The easiest way is here on our website, but you can also do it by phone or in person at our facilities.
Is it necessary to make the payment to confirm the reservation?
What payment methods are allowed?
Are there any hidden / indirect costs?
Are there any minimum booking periods?
How is the daily rate calculated and what is included?
What do I need to bring when I check in at the motorhome?
Is there a 24-hour check-in and check-out service available?
Where are the check-in and check-out points? And at what time can I do the same?
Can I leave my car in your premises?
What are the conditions of check-out of the motorhome?
What happens if I'm late for the check-in / check-out of the motorhome?
What driving license do I need to drive a motorhome?
How many people can drive the motorhome?
In which countries is it permitted to travel?
What should I do if I have to cancel my reservation?
What is the cancellation policy?


How can I choose the best model for my needs?
Visit the page with all our camper models to get a full view of each model, with pictures, plans and descriptions.
For more information please contact us, we are happy to assist you with our best advices.
What are the exterior dimensions of motorhomes?
Do motorhomes have manual or automatic transmission?
How many people can travel in a motorhome?
Can I see the motorhomes before confirming my reservation?
Can motorhomes accommodate people with special needs?
How does the motorhome work?
What is included in each rental?
Do motorhomes have air conditioning?
Do campers have a separate heating system?
Does the motorhome have sockets inside?
What is the capacity of the fuel tank? How is the consumption pattern?
What is the water storage capacity? How can I empty the dirty water tank?
Where can I stock the potable water tank?
If I do not connect the truck to an electrical source at night, can I run out of power?
Does the motorhome have insurance?
What is the deposit / deductible and how does it get paid?
Does the insurance cover my belongings?
Are pets allowed?
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