Everything starts 10 years ago when i bought a classic VW caravan, from there until now caravans was in my blood.

This year we bought four new caravans and personalize with all extras necessary to be like a second home, thats why we create Gaivota, Surfista, DreamCatcher and Select, all created with care so as not miss nothing for our customers

Every minutes counts for us, after your booking our team are ready to pick up you if necessary and provide your caravan ready to you right in time!

Choose a beautifull place and stop for a break! You can do this anytime you want with our caravans!

Explore what Portugal can show for you, from Algarve to Alentejo, Ribatejo, Beira Alta, Baixa ou Litoral, Douro ou Trás-dos-Montes, wonderfull places to visit!

You can sleep and wake up anywhere you want! We provide everything for your needs to have a great trip!

Share this moment with your friends and enjoy this wonderfull places in Portugal we have for you!

Why us?

We are a professional and dynamic team focused on the comfort and quality of the customer, so our caravans are fully equipped with appliances, heating and cooling system, tables, chairs, safety and comfort so that our client does not miss anything!


If you want a getaway for a weekend or more, we have all the necessary equipment for your comfort and we can also suggest some places to camp or if you wish you can consult our map and guides.